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about us:

We are dream believers.  We are in love.  We want you to expect greatness.  We love city-living, but will never forget our small-town roots.  Family means the world to us.  Waking up with a smile on our faces every morning because we love what we do is our key to success.  We appreciate artHelping others is our passion.  We are spontaneous.  We can’t resist a good dessert. Traveling is always on our to do list.  Being Bucknellians pushes us to new heights.  We embrace technology and social media.  Meeting new couples that are madly in love makes us smile. We believe romance makes the world go round.  We will capture every detail of your day.  We love it when a bride and groom becomes our life long friends.  We specialize in weddings because it reminds us of how special every day is in our relationship.

Sharing our talent of emotion-capturing photography is what we do best.  And we can’t wait to share our talents with you.

We are Elizabeth and Ryan, and we are Elizabeth Ryan Photography.

The Making of {the booth} | Custom Photobooth for Weddings & Events

Close to a year ago, Ryan had this grand idea! He wanted to build a photo booth. It sounded like a great idea (or should I say crazy?!?  ;) ).  Since I had no idea where to start, my response was… “go for it!” ;)

A few hours later, Ryan had his graph paper out (Yes!  He is an engineer and I love him!  ;) ).  By the end of the night, he had a design that was incredible!  I never doubt Ryan, but sometimes he just amazes me!  ;)  Of course that design was only the beginning!  He probably had about 20 drafts of that drawing!

The fun began that night… and we have been building since!  ;)  Many hours and a lot of trials & errors later, we now have a photobooth that is exactly how Ryan dreamed it to be!  And we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Here are just a few instagrams that we took to document the journey!  From the drawing… to many many trips to Lowe’s… to some power tool action… and then the actual construction… This was definitely a crazy journey!  And it would not have been possible without the amazing help of our cousin Brian, who just happens to be in the construction business, and my handyman Dad!  They helped us take Ryan’s drawing and make it a reality… and they taught us how to use the power tools!  ;)  So much fun!


 I have to tell you…building {the booth} was not an easy process!  But, it was so worth it to see it all come together!  It actually looks exactly like Ryan’s envision it!  It works just like a traditional booth, but it has a rustic chic charm that makes it totally {uniquely us}!

{the booth} made its first appearance at Carly and Bobby’s wedding!  It was awesome!!  What a perfect crowd to make the debut!  ;)  It is amazing how closing a curtain can bring out the best child-like fun in everyone!  ;)  Second to the flash mob… one of my favorite memories from Carly and Bobby’s wedding will always be walking out at the end of the night and seeing Carly and her mom (while Bobby was grabbing his bag)  in the Town Car with the guestbook in hand laughing and enjoying all of their friend’s & family’s photo strips!  Bringing smiles to people’s faces is just one of the many reasons we LOVE doing what we do!!

So, since we think everyone love’s a good smile… here are just a few of our favorites from {the booth} at Carly and Bobby’s wedding!  (BTW, The photos print out in two strips like the photos below, one for the guest and one to leave behind for the couple… and the layout and design is completely customizable!)


At the end of Carly and Bobby’s wedding, Bobby expressed how awesome he thought {the booth} was!!  We didn’t want to put words in his mouth, so we asked Carly and Bobby to share a few words about their experience.  This is what they had to say:

“The photobooth is a must have. Liz and Ryan do a phenomenal job capturing the ambiance and mood of the wedding, but {the booth} gives your guests a chance to break outside the box. Not only does it provide everyone with a fun, unique party favor, but it gives the bride and the groom a catalog of embarrassing photos of their friends and family. I can’t imagine a wedding without one.”

Love that!  Thanks so much Carly & Bobby!

Here is a glimpse of {the booth} in action!

P.S… let us know if you are interested in having {the booth} at your wedding and/or special event!  How much fun would this be at your company’s holiday party!?!?  So excited to bring that child-like fun to sooo many!  ;)

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