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about us:

We are dream believers.  We are in love.  We want you to expect greatness.  We love city-living, but will never forget our small-town roots.  Family means the world to us.  Waking up with a smile on our faces every morning because we love what we do is our key to success.  We appreciate artHelping others is our passion.  We are spontaneous.  We can’t resist a good dessert. Traveling is always on our to do list.  Being Bucknellians pushes us to new heights.  We embrace technology and social media.  Meeting new couples that are madly in love makes us smile. We believe romance makes the world go round.  We will capture every detail of your day.  We love it when a bride and groom becomes our life long friends.  We specialize in weddings because it reminds us of how special every day is in our relationship.

Sharing our talent of emotion-capturing photography is what we do best.  And we can’t wait to share our talents with you.

We are Elizabeth and Ryan, and we are Elizabeth Ryan Photography.

Monthly Archives: October 2011

Annapolis In Love | Casey and Patrick’s life{styled} engagement session

Ahhh!  I have so much that I could say about Casey and Patrick and their amazing engagement session!  It was amazing!  First of all, Casey and Patrick are incredibly adorable.  They are in love… like sooo in love and they are not afraid to show it!  We love it.  ;) Before their engagement session, we […]

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A crisp fall day with a little breeze ;) | Jen and Russ’s Hunt Valley Wedding

It was a beautiful fall day!  The sun was shining, the leaves were just beginning to show their fall colors, and the crisp fresh air was so refreshing.  However, there was this wind that was a little bit CRAZY.  Actually, incredibly crazy.  It would come and go in spurts, often just enough to remind us […]

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It all began at work | Janessa and Chris’ life{styled} Engagement Session

It all began at work.  However, for them, it was a bit more complicated than just being co-workers.  Janessa was the hostess at Mangia, her family’s amazing Italian grill in Annapolis.  And Chris, just happened to be the manager.  Which, yes, meant he worked for Janessa’s family!  ;)  You can see where it could get […]

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Happiness & Love… they are contagious | {uniquely us}

This past weekend was pretty awesome.  The weather was amazing and between our engagement session in Annapolis, our wedding on the Eastern Shore, the mini sessions near Annapolis, and meeting up with friends, we were surrounded by incredible people!  As we drove away from our mini sessions, we were chatting about how amazing our clients/friends […]

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Bonding over cupcakes, travel & fab friends | Steph & Justin’s esession

When we first met Stephanie and Justin, we bonded over our love of cupcakes and our love for Jennie and Adam!  ;)  It is a proven fact (at least in my book) that fabulous people surround themselves by other fabulous people.  So, when our fabulous clients turned friends, like Jennie and Adam, send their friends […]

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Loving Life with Fall Fun | Pumpkin Carving Adventures {uniquely us}

It was Friday… and we had a full day planned!  Actually, we had 2 full days worth of stuff, but we were determined to pack it into 1.  Because honestly, there are just not enough hours in 1 day!  ;) We edited photos, uploaded photos, completed paperwork, ran to the grocery store (literally! ;) ), […]

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It was meant to be | Laura and Jeremy’s Central PA Wedding

I still remember the moment Laura told me she and Jeremy were getting married at Our Lady of Lourdes Church.  I think my heart skipped a beat.  You mean, the Our Lady of Lourdes Church that both Ryan and I grew up going to?  The church Ryan and I got married in?  The same church […]

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Fall Mini Sessions in Baltimore & Annapolis | {pinned post}

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Jen and Russ are Married!!! | Hunt Valley Wedding {sweet peek}

The leaves are beginning to turn and the beauty of fall has arrived!!  It was so amazing to be outside enjoying the gorgeous fall day on Saturday with Jen and Russ!  The wind… we could have done without!  ;)  But because Jen and Russ are so fabulous and they didn’t let it bother them… we […]

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Our old stomping grounds | Brooke & Tony’s Central PA e-session

This engagement session warms my heart!!!… In so many ways and for all of these reasons (and more!): 1. Tony is my cousin. ;) 2. Brooke is AMAZING!!  Yep, love her!  ;) 3. Tony and Brooke live in NC, so getting the chance to hang out with them is pretty special! 4. We love our jobs! […]

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