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about us:

We are dream believers.  We are in love.  We want you to expect greatness.  We love city-living, but will never forget our small-town roots.  Family means the world to us.  Waking up with a smile on our faces every morning because we love what we do is our key to success.  We appreciate artHelping others is our passion.  We are spontaneous.  We can’t resist a good dessert. Traveling is always on our to do list.  Being Bucknellians pushes us to new heights.  We embrace technology and social media.  Meeting new couples that are madly in love makes us smile. We believe romance makes the world go round.  We will capture every detail of your day.  We love it when a bride and groom becomes our life long friends.  We specialize in weddings because it reminds us of how special every day is in our relationship.

Sharing our talent of emotion-capturing photography is what we do best.  And we can’t wait to share our talents with you.

We are Elizabeth and Ryan, and we are Elizabeth Ryan Photography.

It’s HERE! | is LIVE

Yesterday, we shared the before… and today we get to share the after!!!  ;)  WAHOOO!

It is official.  Elizabeth Ryan Photography can now affectionately be called Liz and Ryan!!!!  ;)  AND our brand new website is now live at  Please venture on over there to see all of the AMAZINGNESS that we are so excited to share with you!!

Also… don’t forget to “like” our brand new Facebook page at!

Your support means the world to us!  Thank You!

It has been a long time coming… | A little reflection before the big day

It has been a long time coming.  For those of you who have been with us from the very beginning (way back in January of ’09)… First of all, WOW!  THANK YOU!  But second of all, you have definitely seen some change from our very first days of business.  The feelings and emotions and conversations we had while we were sitting at Spoons on January 1, 2009 are still very real to us.  It kind of feels like it was just yesterday that we were dreaming about what we wanted to do to live a more meaningful life and hopefully make an impact on the lives of others.  It was at that very moment that we decided to take my lifelong dream of owning a photography business and make it a reality.  Within just a few hours, we had already sent emails to a few friends and trusted business mentors to ask:  Should it be Elizabeth Ryan Photography, Ryan Elizabeth, Bower Photography, etc.?  What had the best ring?  Ryan quickly drafted up a logo and we were on our way to making this happen.

We were fired up and excited to take on this new challenge.  Of course we were both in graduate school and both working full time jobs, but for some reason adding this extra “work” to our plate did not feel like work at all.  When we probably should have been doing homework for our classes, we went to the Johns Hopkins library and studied photography businesses and other successful small businesses.  We drafted a business plan (and with Ryan’s type A personality it was a pretty solid business plan complete with graphs and charts!).  The business plan prepared us for a successful side business in children’s photography!  (haha).  Within just a few months, after shooting our first wedding, that business plan quickly became irrelevant!  Weddings stole our heart and we quickly realized our specialty should be in wedding photography.

Of course we spent the first few years doing everything that we thought we were suppose to do.  We designed our website around what everyone else was doing.  We used “Elizabeth” because we thought it sounded more prestigious- not that anyone ever called me that!  ;)   We spent a lot of our time focused on what everyone else around us was doing and little time focused on us.

Gratefully, God blessed us with rapid growth and amazing clients that sparked every ounce of passion in us to keep doing what we were doing!  Within 2 years, I decided to leave my “corporate” job and stop taking business school classes to focus on our real business full time.  After getting through that busy wedding season in 2010 with Ryan still working full time in the corporate world, we started to dream about when Ryan could make that jump to being full time.

It was at that same time that we realized we needed to make some changes in our business.  We answered a lot of phone calls asking for Elizabeth Ryan (who does not actually exist!  ;) ).  We received a lot of comments on Facebook and other reviews saying how great “she” is at photography.  I am not one that takes credit very easily, so it was always so hard for me to see Ryan get left out!  He has been 100% apart of this dream and this business from the very very beginning.  His support for me to follow my photography passion stems back to high school really!  ;)  But most specifically, in college, when he helped me do the research to buy my very first digital SLR.  So, with our dream to make Ryan full time became more and more clear, we decided to start asking tough questions and plan (as much as one can plan) for the future of our business and even our careers.  Making the decision to do a full rebrand was a long time coming.

At the beginning of this year, we dove in!  With the help of Lara Casey and Emily Ley (the AMAZING ladies behind Making Brands Happen), we certainly asked ourselves hard questions!  We challenged our business decisions and why exactly we were doing what we are doing.  We thought about what drives us and how we can make an even greater impact on the lives of others.  We set goals for the future and created a plan that will hopefully take our passions and make our “crazy” dreams a reality!  It is so exciting to reflect back on how we have gotten to where we are today and to think about what the next few years will hold.  One thing is for sure, we are certainly grateful for every single challenge, obstacle and blessing that has been in our path!  Thank you for being a part of our journey!  Be sure to join in tomorrow afternoon at 12:00 p.m. EST for the BIG launch of our exciting new Brand over at!

Here’s to the amazing past and an even more amazing future!

Stay tuned for the AFTER!

Brand ReLaunch Week!!! – Behind the Scenes, the making of our new site

I’m a visual person, which, as a photographer is a really good thing. I think it stems back to my days as an engineer.  The green graph paper would come out and I would draw endless diagrams detailing every little part of a project.  Check out our photo booth post to see what I mean.   Or just ask Liz, the last time she asked me a technical question about lighting I am pretty sure I drew out an entire diagram on paper.  Fortunately for her, I left out all the math equations.  They say a picture is worth a 1000 words so it just makes sense to sketch out drawing before spending a ton of time on something. So when it came to redesigning our entire brand and website, let’s just say I got a little carried away.  Fortunately, the amazing people at Making Brands Happen and Flosites didn’t seem to mind.  We launch our new brand and website on Wednesday so be sure to head on over to to sign up to be notified when the site launches.  For now, here is a little teaser.  All sketches were drawn on the AMAZING paper app for iPad.  Okay, so I might not be the next Michelangelo, but these were at least useful when giving feedback for our site.  And, some of my better drawings may have just ended up as part of our site!

Check back Wednesday to find out more!


Wine and Fries! Yes, please! | Jess & Chris’s Baltimore Engagement

They have lived in Fells Point for almost three years.  Within walking distance to some of their favorite restaurants, Fell’s has been an awesome place to call home.  As “foodies,” they love trying out new places to eat… but the true test as to whether or not to go back is definitely dependent on the french fries!  ;)

Jess and Chris have loved living in the Fells Point area and wanted to make sure they captured their lives right here and right now during their engagement pictures.  They said they wanted to be able to share with their kids where they lived when “they were still cool.”  ;)  I am going to venture to say that they are still going to be pretty darn cool whenever they do become parents!  Besides, who wouldn’t want a mom and dad that love fries and wine?!?  ;)

Jess and Chris- you two are amazing together!!!  Your smiles could light up the world… seriously, I mean that!  ;)  Thank you for sharing your fries with us!  ;)  We can’t wait for your special day!!

We started off at Tide Point, just across the water from Fells Point …

We finished up as sun was beginning to set and took the water taxi across the harbor back to Fells

Jess and Chris changed into a second outfit and we took a quick stroll prior to dinner

We finished up with wine and fries at the AMAZINGLY located Waterfront Kitchen!

High School Sweethearts to Soon-to-Be Mr. & Mrs. | Laura & Richie

Walking through the halls at South River High School was where it all began.  Their friendship turned into something more and quickly life without each other just seemed unnatural.  Through every bump and challenge they faced along life’s journey, something always drew them back together with a smile on their faces.  Laura and Richie are certainly meant to be together!

When the weather did not cooperate for Richie to follow through with his plan to surprise Laura with a Hot Air Balloon ride before sunrise one day… they did not skip a beat.  Instead of jumping back into bed to catch some sleep, they drove over to Bay Ridge to catch the sunrise.  While soaking in the beautiful view in each other’s arms, Richie asked for Laura’s hand in marriage.

After years of living life side by side as best friends… Laura and Richie are officially going to be Mr. and Mrs.!  And we are so excited to be a part of it!  Laura and Richie… thank you for taking us back to your High School days together!  As high school sweethearts, we know just how special those memories truly are!

Congratulations Laura and Richie!!

We started the session were their love story began …

After a quick outfit change, we headed over to where Richie proposed …

Dancing in the Aisle | Victoria and Jason’s Hershey PA Wedding

Jason is a planner.  He is one of those people that has an idea of what he wants and takes charge to make it happen.  After the first time that he and Victoria hung out, he had a plan.  He wanted to set this beautiful girl up with one of his best friends… because they would be “perfect” together.  After giving it more thought, much to his own surprise, he sabotaged his own plan!  He wanted to keep her for himself.  He decided he wanted to spend some more time with her so he asked her out on a date to the movies.  They were the only people in the movie theatre (I swear this only happens in Central PA! ;) ) and as the final credits rolled after the showing of Hairspray, they found themselves dancing in the aisle!  It was that moment that Jason knew he found the love of his life!  The girl that was in fact perfect for him!

Jason and Victoria have this way of living life that is pretty AWESOME!  Every time we are with them we feel like it is a “dancing in the aisle” kind of moment!  They are two incredibly driven people with AMAZING futures ahead of them.  But what we love about them most is their ability to have fun and let loose in every situation!  Their sense of humor and ability to laugh makes for some incredibly fun company!  ;)  Company that we have been lucky enough to have in our lives going all the way back to grade school when Ryan graduated with Victoria!  We are pretty lucky, my friends!

Thank you so much to Victoria and Jason for the opportunity to be a part of your day!  Thank you for bringing smiles to our faces in so many ways!  We are so happy for you!  Here’s to many more “dancing in the aisle” kind of moments!  Love you guys!

View more of Victoria and Jason’s photos in their slideshow!!

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make Victoria and Jason’s wedding day so special!  I have to give a special shout out to their amazing bridal party… especially the ever amazing Lauren Girio Pearce!  They were so helpful… especially when the crazy thunderstorms had us scrambling to carry out Plan C on this special day!!  We could not have done it without their amazingness!  ;)

Ceremony and Reception Venue:  Blue Ridge Country Club

Hair and Makeup:  Beautiful Dream Team

Florist:  Weddings and Blooms

Officiant:  Rabbi Reni Dickman

Band:  Renaissance Orchestra

Transportation:  Unique Limousine

Bridal Salon:  Fabulous Bridal

Groom’s Attire:  Strictly Formals

Wedding Bands:  Richter & Phillips


Life is Beautiful | A Special Project with The Beautiful Young Family

Life is beautiful!  So beautiful!

You all may remember Jennie and Adam– one of our most fabulous couples from 2010!!!  They are one AMAZING couple that we hold near and dear to our hearts!  They recently welcomed a special little addition to their family and she is PRECIOUS!!  We had the amazing honor of capturing Baby Charlotte’s Baby Story and we are in the middle of finishing up a special little project to go along with it!

Ohh my word we are so excited to share this with you all!  The finished product of Baby Charlotte’s Baby Story will be a part of our new brand Launch that will be here before we know it!!!  ;)  WAHOOO!  So much excitement coming your way!!!  Make sure you don’t miss it by signing up for updates at

In the meantime… enjoy this sweet moment with this sweet family!  Jennie, Adam, and Charlotte… we are blessed to have you in our lives!!!  Lots of love!

Date Night in the City | Megan and Tim’s 1 Year Anniversary in Baltimore

It is always kind of awesome when we run into one of our past couples or get to catch up with them and hear all about how marriage is treating them!  But when we get to photograph them again, awesome goes to a whole new level!  Megan and Tim contacted us awhile back in hopes to schedule an Anniversary Session to celebrate their first year of marriage together!  Of course Ryan and I jumped at the chance!  We planned an awesome date night out in the city and had some fun following them around with our cameras!

It was so much fun to hang out with Megan and Tim and hear about their first year of marriage together and all of the new adventures life is taking them on (including finishing their basement… DIY style!)  How much fun is that?!?  Without a doubt… especially after seeing their fun DIY craftiness for this shoot) their basement is going to be awesome!  ;)

Megan and Tim, thank you for giving us the opportunity to celebrate with you and your 1 Year Anniversary!  And most importantly, thank you for taking the time to capture your amazing lives right here and right now!  We are so excited that you were able to soak each other in and appreciate that amazingness that surrounds you everyday!!  We LOVE that!

How awesome is it that all of these corks just happen to be from wine they have shared during their first year of marriage!!  :)  Cheers to that!  ;)

“Will You Be My Mom” – Magnum | Katie & Dan’s Engagement Session

It was a cold day in December.  Katie and Dan were out for a walk with their dog Magnum.  Katie in her sweats was not thinking anything of this “special day.”  But Magnum had a treat for her.  With a big box in his mouth (complete with a twisty tie ring) and a note attached, Magnum asked Katie to be his Mom!   It was that special day that Dan asked for Katie’s hand in marriage.  And it was that special day that they started planning the rest of their lives together!

Katie and Dan are two of the sweetest people around… and I would say that Magnum is pretty darn sweet as well!  ;)  As we arrived at Jerusalem Mill for their engagement session, they both expressed how nervous they were.  We gave them just a little pep talk and ohhh my word they rocked it out!  These two are SO in love that they honestly forgot that we were there.  Dan has this way of making Katie’s face light up and it is just magical to watch.  You will see for yourself in the photos below!  ;)  Honestly, these are some of our most favorite photos ever… it could be the amazing light that came through those trees, but I am pretty positive that it was actually just the fact that Katie and Dan were perfectly content just being with each other- escaping the everyday craziness to soak each other in!  Ahhhh!  LOVED every minute of it!  ;)

Congratulations Katie and Dan!!  So excited for your special day in just a few short months!  ;)

And just on a side note… can we just talk about how AMAZING Katie looks (well, both Katie and Dan really…especially with those Sperry’s, Dan!)!  We just have to give a shout out to Beth from Up Do’s for I Do’s for pampering Katie with some fabulous hair and makeup that day!  Katie looked extra beautiful and as confident as ever!!  LOVED IT!!